About Us

Veterans Abandoned, Inc. is volunteer group of medical specialists and other healthcare specialists, along with researchers, attorneys, and businessmen; all are working diligently to provide the facts and current updated information essential for veterans to obtain their personal optimum health and wellness. Veterans Abandoned, Inc. offers life changing information, for veterans and their family, which is essential in order to take charge of your own health and that of your loved ones.

Veterans Abandoned’s Objectives:

  • Address health/quality-of-life issues specific to veterans and their families, that are not covered compassionately by the VA Healthcare System
  • Offer alternative non-narcotic treatments for pain and inflammatory diseases
  • Offer information on alternative, non-addictive, treatment for Crones, Fibromyalgia, PTSD and Anxiety disorders
  • Identify candidates, assess their needs, then guide them as best as we can. No vet get’s turned away from our help.
  • We offer free private seminars and classes in Fitness, Yoga, and Nutrition, as well as information on alternate therapies that are not currently  available to many Veterans and their families.
  • We’re raising funds to cover the costs of transportation to meet with veterans who’ve volunteered their homes in Washington DC, and Colorado, where it’s legal to grow cannabis. Homes where veterans and their families can establish temporary residence and be taught to take charge of their lives through a program of diet, exercise, yoga, positive reinforcement and reward
  • Create a community of healthy happy Veteran/Civilian families and communities

Every donation goes to saving lives. Plain and simple, the work is slow. It’s very expensive to transport a Veteran and his family out of state to where they can establish temporary residency in a place the law allows us to use and teach the use of full-spectrum extracts, edible oils and CBD’s from Cannabis.

Laws are changing, but PA has no reciprocity planned, in SB3, forcing Vets to pay top dollar for commercial, for profit/taxed products produced in PA, instead of being able to grow and make their own for free.

There is the Safe Harbour provision , passed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), but by its very nature precludes all families of Veterans over 18 yrs of age.

At best it will be late 2017 before the first dispensaries will be opening in PA.  Can you argue the life of one Veteran we save from an Overdose or Suicide, isn’t as valuable as a any amount spent on a life saving transplant, paid by for by insurance or tax dollars?

Once again the issue arises, If the Vets have to get their medicine outside the VA pharmacy system. How will the VA follow up. Vets will need two sets of doctors. Not good. And the latest out this Thursday August 11th 2016 is that the DEA refuses to reschedule Marijuana from a Schedule (I) drug… Like Heroin and Crack.

Veterans Abandoned, Inc. is a fully accredited 501(c)(3), nonprofit group, and is able to use your tax deductible charitable donations to reshape our veteran’s current healthcare.

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We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.