Minorities Still Not Represented in Cannabis Industry

Once again the bureaucracy that is Big State Gov’t isn’t following their own rules. Maryland’s board of licensing for the state’s newly minted medical cannabis industry is being sued for a third time for not following it’s own mandate to consider minorities in the selection process.  If anyone thinks this is not an issue, consider the fact, there is only one black owned dispensary in the entire state of Colorado.

This article from the Washington Post Is linked for your consideration… Not really… Nothing to consider. Be vocal to everyone you can about the issues that will be effecting you and your communities for years to come…  This industry can not be allowed to fall into the hands of the Con Agra’s and Nabisco’s of the world…  All adults should be able to grow their own marijuana for any reason they want, but there is no excuse for forcing people to go through an expensive state mandated process to get relief for pain or illness, that doesn’t come from Big Pharma. We all have the right to consume something that has been free and abundant for 5000 years….




Opportunist of the Week!

“We need to take a close look at what opportunities have become available,” smirks Patrick Moen, ex DEA agent Hitman who now sees the Grass is Greener on the other side of the ocean, and now holds the position of general counsel at Privateer Holdings, a fund that invests in the MARIJUANA BUSINESS. “It’s fairly straightforward to do that research overseas…it will be undoubtedly more burdensome to do it here, even after today.” Responding to the news the DEA would contract one additional facility to grow research marijuana.

DEA Hides it’s Head in the Sand AGAIN!!

Once again in what can only be described as a ludicrous waste of time and money, the DEA on Thursday announced they would NOT be rescheduling marijuana from it’s status as sinister street drug; ala’ Heroin and Crack, confirming their belief that it has  “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,”

“The DEA and the FDA continue to believe that scientifically valid and well-controlled clinical trials conducted under investigational new drug (IND) applications are the most appropriate way to conduct research on the medicinal uses of marijuana,”

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, said in a statement, “this decision doesn’t go far enough and is further evidence that the DEA doesn’t get it. Keeping marijuana at schedule I continues an outdated, failed approach — leaving patients and marijuana businesses trapped between state and federal laws.”

Even in 1988 DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young, Ruled with Common Sense

From September 6, 1988

“Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. … It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record.”

DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young, Ruling in the matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition, September 6, 1988

The Story of Bobby Rhoads (UPDATE)

(08/20/2016) Bobby Comes Home:

Ray Rhoads Sr. receives his son Bobby's US flag from Air Force Honor Guards at his son's funeral. Aug. 20, 2016
Ray Rhoads Sr. receives his son Bobby’s US flag from Air Force Honor Guards at his son’s funeral. Aug. 20, 2016

If you’ve been following this story, you know Bobby Rhoads wasn’t given a fair shake in this life. His dad Ray, a decorated US Army ambulance driver during the Korean War, certainly didn’t deserve to have to bury his son just a few short months after his wife of over 65 years…..


(07-18-2016) The back story: Bobby Rhoads, USAF Veteran, Dead at 62

This is yet another story that shouldn’t have to have been told. Bobby Rhoads was serving in the USAF when he was involved in a horrific helicopter crash. He was in a military hospital for 6 months with traumatic brain injury. He was discharged, and that was that. His injuries followed him his whole life.
He was my best friends brother, and I met him once a year when he came for help with his taxes each year as little sister had been doing as long as I knew her. Proudly, he tried for years to make it as a civilian. When his illness rendered him unable to work or care for himself, he lost all work medical benefits. He applied for medical treatment from the VA.. HE WAS DENIED. He died indigent in a Reading, PA Nursing home for welfare patients. From complications during surgery to remove an infected catheter.. He was 62 Years OLD!!! Veterans Abandoned, Inc. first official act is to try to get Robert Rhoads, USAF Veteran, the recognition he and his family deserve, and to try to get him inturned at no cost in a VA Cemetery..


Thanks to a Veterans Abandoned Team Insider, we have the conclusion to the story.


Bobbyand Davilyn
Bobby and Davilyn Rhoads in happier times


VA agrees to Pay for Cremation and

Graveside Honors!

After posting Bobby’s story, one of our alert member/volunteers contacted the VA. The VA Then contacted the family,  and made arrangements for cremation, and full military grave-site honors for Bobby’s 7 years of service in the US Air Force. This will save the family $1000’s. It isn’t that the VA doesn’t offer these services, but the disconnect upon exit of service is unforgivable. No follow-up of service related injuries unless you make a lot of noise. Veterans Abandoned, Inc. is a collection of “Noisemakers”


The founder

My name Is Alan Bruce Shinberg. I am an Honorably Discharged United States Coast Guard Veteran. I created Veterans Abandoned, Inc. out of my frustration and anger at being treated as a pinball by the VA. I’ve been in the VA Healthcare System since 2004 after I changed jobs and lost my health insurance.