Our Work… We’ve been busy….

I’m just going to plop this blurb on top to say Happy beginning of the Uber-Early holiday(s) season… Tonight as you Trick-or-Treat your little goblins and jedi, remember to keep your prayers and wishes (and wallets) open to Veterans who are not having lots of fun tonight…

Knock Wood…. In September, we successfully relocated one veteran and his family to Washington D.C.  where with an adjunct therapy, he now functions comfortably on less than one third of his previous opiate level, enabling him  to return to work for the first time in over two years.  (details omitted) He and his wife are now both working and will be staying with their host family who provide child care, through Thanksgiving…  Thank you to all that made their journey possible….

Our core purpose is to be a clearinghouse and repository for information about abuses and shortfalls in the United States Department of Veteran Affairs’ treatment of US military veterans seeking healthcare. We provide veterans and their families with information on all options open to them for their medical, emotional, and general well-being.

Information about safe, alternative, non-addictive treatments for a number of conditions affecting veterans including, traumatic brain injury, cancer treatment issues, Crone’s disease, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, posttraumatic stress disorder,  major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and other mental and physical illnesses.

Teach and reinforce positive lifestyle changes through healthier diet and exercise

Operate guest houses where veterans can be taught to self-heal through a program of education, exercise and proper nutrition backed by positive reinforcement and reward.

Create a community of healthy happy veteran/civilian families and friends.

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