The Story of Bobby Rhoads (UPDATE)

(08/20/2016) Bobby Comes Home:

Ray Rhoads Sr. receives his son Bobby's US flag from Air Force Honor Guards at his son's funeral. Aug. 20, 2016
Ray Rhoads Sr. receives his son Bobby’s US flag from Air Force Honor Guards at his son’s funeral. Aug. 20, 2016

If you’ve been following this story, you know Bobby Rhoads wasn’t given a fair shake in this life. His dad Ray, a decorated US Army ambulance driver during the Korean War, certainly didn’t deserve to have to bury his son just a few short months after his wife of over 65 years…..


(07-18-2016) The back story: Bobby Rhoads, USAF Veteran, Dead at 62

This is yet another story that shouldn’t have to have been told. Bobby Rhoads was serving in the USAF when he was involved in a horrific helicopter crash. He was in a military hospital for 6 months with traumatic brain injury. He was discharged, and that was that. His injuries followed him his whole life.
He was my best friends brother, and I met him once a year when he came for help with his taxes each year as little sister had been doing as long as I knew her. Proudly, he tried for years to make it as a civilian. When his illness rendered him unable to work or care for himself, he lost all work medical benefits. He applied for medical treatment from the VA.. HE WAS DENIED. He died indigent in a Reading, PA Nursing home for welfare patients. From complications during surgery to remove an infected catheter.. He was 62 Years OLD!!! Veterans Abandoned, Inc. first official act is to try to get Robert Rhoads, USAF Veteran, the recognition he and his family deserve, and to try to get him inturned at no cost in a VA Cemetery..


Thanks to a Veterans Abandoned Team Insider, we have the conclusion to the story.


Bobbyand Davilyn
Bobby and Davilyn Rhoads in happier times


VA agrees to Pay for Cremation and

Graveside Honors!

After posting Bobby’s story, one of our alert member/volunteers contacted the VA. The VA Then contacted the family,  and made arrangements for cremation, and full military grave-site honors for Bobby’s 7 years of service in the US Air Force. This will save the family $1000’s. It isn’t that the VA doesn’t offer these services, but the disconnect upon exit of service is unforgivable. No follow-up of service related injuries unless you make a lot of noise. Veterans Abandoned, Inc. is a collection of “Noisemakers”


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