Minorities Still Not Represented in Cannabis Industry

Once again the bureaucracy that is Big State Gov’t isn’t following their own rules. Maryland’s board of licensing for the state’s newly minted medical cannabis industry is being sued for a third time for not following it’s own mandate to consider minorities in the selection process.  If anyone thinks this is not an issue, consider the fact, there is only one black owned dispensary in the entire state of Colorado.

This article from the Washington Post Is linked for your consideration… Not really… Nothing to consider. Be vocal to everyone you can about the issues that will be effecting you and your communities for years to come…  This industry can not be allowed to fall into the hands of the Con Agra’s and Nabisco’s of the world…  All adults should be able to grow their own marijuana for any reason they want, but there is no excuse for forcing people to go through an expensive state mandated process to get relief for pain or illness, that doesn’t come from Big Pharma. We all have the right to consume something that has been free and abundant for 5000 years….